At the Faculty of Law, on the occasion of November 25 – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Center for Career Development (QZHK) and the UIBM Student Parliament organized a lecture on this topic.

In this lecture Mr. sc. Ramadan Beshiri, from O.J.Q – Premisa, lecturer certified by the Council of Europe and the Academy of Law on the module: Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, has presented numerous comparative data regarding this topic across different periods of time in Albanian society as well as in foreign societies. An expert in this field, Beshiri criticized the unequal position of women throughout history, whether Albanian or foreign. He added that the Albanian woman has played an important role throughout history in the development and advancement of society and the state, and she is still present today in all state institutions. However, he had a particular criticism regarding the limitation of women in the right to dispose of property and the right to inherit real estate both throughout history and in modern times. Also, a perspective was cast on the limitations of women in Europe regarding voting rights, as is the case with Switzerland, where until 1971 they were denied such a right.

Next, expert Beshiri addressed the issue of disagreements between spouses, which can lead to more serious conflicts that bring violence, whether psychological, physical or economic. After the end of this presentation of Zt. Beshiri, u.d. the dean of the Faculty of Law, professor Islam Qerimi, thanked him for the information with a conglomerate of comparative data of this nature and asked to open a debate among those present, where there were many guests, as the deputy of the Assembly of Kosovo, Mrs. Fjolla Ujkani, member of the law and order and security bodies of the Republic of Kosovo, academic, administrative staff and students of “Isa Boletini” University in Mitrovica.

The debate became very lively when concrete cases about the current state of violence against women and domestic violence in our society were mentioned. Therefore, they alluded that the whole society should contribute to the prevention of these phenomena through measures of information, education and training, employment and respect for gender equality in all domains of life. They also appealed that such cases be presented to the competent bodies in order to prevent forms of this ugly violence.

At the end of this lecture, u.d. Dean Qerimi congratulated the Career Development Center (QZHK) and the Student Parliament for organizing a lecture of this nature, which is always welcome for the Faculty of Law, as well as for our entire Albanian society, which aims to disappear as soon as possible of patriarchy from our minds, because without full respect for women in every segment of private and public life, we will not even have cultural, economic, political, academic, state, etc. progress.


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